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Reupholster Commercial Furniture

office furniture repair

As furniture ages, its quality degrades. This can be particularly evident on hard surfaces and cushions that have seen frequent use. Woodworking that was once polished to a fine shine becomes dull. Dirt gets ingrained into the material, making it blotchy and messy. Upholstery gets worn out, wrinkled, and loose.

This is why furniture repair is so useful. At Contract Office Refurbishing, we have a full range of commercial furniture upholstery repair and maintenance services geared towards your needs and specifications. If you're looking for someone who can reupholster commercial furniture, look no further. With our excellent upholstery services, we can restore your broken down furniture to mint condition and have your office looking as new as the day you moved in.

Contact us today at Contract Office Refurbishing in Cincinnati, OH for additional information about our services. If you have any furniture that needs repair, we can take a look at it at our furniture repair shop, give you an estimate, and fix it right away.